04: John Feal Conversation


Peace and Resist Podcast

An interview with John Feal, known as a 9/11 first responder, activist, organizer, and more. This was so real, had so many one-liners, and so much good information: (0:00) The Feal Good Foundation, how it is an extension of himself, and his mother's lasting influence. (4:45) Reveals he knows President Joe Biden. (7:00) The 20 year anniversary of 9/11. (8:25) The 9/11 Victim's Compensation Fund, and John's journey with his team through Congress. (22:00) Ray Pfeifer's coat turns Jon Stewart into jelly; Luis Alvarez's shield given to Mitch McConnell in a handshake deal with John Feal that was also a promise kept to Luis. (33:35) The 9/11 Memorial Museum; John's jacket, the Man with the Red Bandana - Welles Crowther and the Man Who Saw it Coming - Rick Rescorla. (42:28) Everyone asks John to run for office. (50:35) The World Trade Center Health Program and John's recovery. (56:00) A great John Lewis story. (58:50) Spike Lee. (1:01:30) Jon Stewart. (1:06:19) A wild 4-way kidney donation. (1:13:15) Demolitions expertise, military service, and his job experience. (1:16:00) The best thing to happen to John Feal after 9/11, and so much more.