06: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Part I - Break All the Barriers


Peace and Resist Podcast

Peyton and Kedro talk: RBG's legend and her Supreme Court workout. Kate McKinnon on SNL Ginsburning people. How RBG's iconic Supreme Court fashion developed and more. Who gave Ruth the nickname Kiki. Her neighborhood growing up in Brooklyn. Outdated paradigms being broken like women's place in society, gay conversion therapy, and micro-dosing with hallucinogens. RBG's favorite books and poetry and signs of her diligence. The two rules Ruth's mother taught her. What traumatized Ruth as a young student. How World War II changed her upbringing in Brooklyn, bringing the realities of the world more and more to her neighborhood. Eleanor Roosevelt's role with the original version of the United Nations. Also the creation of the International Declaration of Human Rights, RBG's editorial from her time in grade school about the 5 most important documents in human history, and much more.