07: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Part II - KLABHIJ


Peace and Resist Podcast

RBG's group of friends - KLABHIJ - with Kiki at the front. Red-baiting, McCarthyism, Ruth's activism kicks into high gear, and a discussion on the ridiculousness of red-baiting still thriving as a conservative/Republican argument tactic. How RBG gets set on becoming a lawyer. Peyton discusses her experiences as an advocate and how RBG's motivations mirror her own. Kedro on how money can define your status in the legal system when seeking a lawyer. We went from gathering around the radio as families to texting each other when it's time for dinner fast. How in love Marty was with Ruth early on. Ruth on just what may have brought her and Marty to be very close. Women who paved the way for RBG to become a Justice like Sarah Grimke and Lucille Lomen, a story about Ruth Bader's wedding to Marty Ginsburg, and more. Like when the first credit cards showed up. Peyton and Kedro swim deep analyzing the episode.