11: John Feal Conversation [Supercut]


Peace and Resist Podcast

John Feal - 9/11 first responder, activist, organizer, and much more discusses how his Mom taught him to care for and protect others, a detailed saga of how the 9/11 First Responder legislation passed - including machine-gun escorts and electric handshakes, how John Feal got Jon Stewart to channel his Daily Show magic to give the perfect testimony at the most important moment, Rick Rescorla - the Man Who Saw It Coming and Welles Crowther - the Man in the Red Bandana, Jon Feal's Red Bomber Jacket in the 9/11 Museum, an organic description of the feeling John gets when he walks the 9/11 Memorial grounds, the 20th anniversary is this year, and much more! Check out WarFighter2021.com for the work John Feal is currently doing. For your hosts, check out LATransAdvocates.org for Peyton's work and VotingInfoHQ.com for Kedro's. Practice your peace. Thank you for listening. Keep on resisting.