15: Jessica Hare and Anthony Walker Conversation


Peace and Resist Podcast

This is a Resister special! Friends Jessica Hare (activist) and Anthony Walker (activist, comedian) join Peyton and Kedro for a discussion about the group they are a part of, Patrol Creep, and the toxic men they seek to make public and take down. We talk about several of Anthony 'the Hot Medic' Walker's videos and try to find a favorite - Hide from Antifa! Camo Baby and a Million Man March with bad math and low turnout. Also: what brought Jess and Anthony to activism, their favorite comedians, comedy as an activism tool, how Jess and Anthony are connected to the fall of Rob Anderson and the warning signs we see more clearly in retrospect (there were a lot of them - and Peyton is local to that scene). Peyton's marketing brain is all in with Patrol Creep and she has hot environmentalism takes, Jess and Anthony shout out some bigtime Resisters doing bigtime work, the possibility and necessity of medical marijuana in Texas, the show ends with beautiful dysfunction, and much more. Anthony Walker's comedy can be found @AnthonyCWalker on Twitter. Patrol Creep is @CreepPatrol - reach out to them if you're in need! Thank you for listening, keep onnnnn Resisting.