20: John Lewis Part I - Black Monday


Peace and Resist Podcast

Time for John Lewis and the Voting Rights Movement - a 5 PART SERIES!! It's great to be back! Done with working 80 hours and able to refocus on the show and VotingInfoHQ.com. Some of Pike County's history - including Ann Dowdell Love (plus her love of butcher knives, whips, and God) and a cringe-worthy statue of the guy that murdered Abraham Lincoln. Alabama's geopolitics and how that shaped John Lewis' formative years. The Spirit of History, the Beloved Community, and Shorty and Sugarfoot. Sharecropping and an inspiring trip up North. Sammy Younge Jr, Emmitt Till, Autherine Lucy, hearing Martin Luther King Jr for the first time, and much more! Source Material: Walking with the Wind / March - books 1, 2, & 3 Thank you for listening, keep on resisting. VotingInfoHQ.com