21: John Lewis Part II - Love the Unloveable


Peace and Resist Podcast

John Lewis goes from being in awe of college life to his first Good Trouble - which includes his first arrest. The people involved in this episode are almost too many to list here - some of the people referenced or discussed include: Bernard Lafayette, James Bevel, James Lawson, Diane Nash, Septima Clarke, Rosa Parks, C.T. Vivian, C.H. Fitzgerald, Buelah Hardge, Mordecai Johnson, Z. Alexander Looby, JFK vs Nixon, Ralph Abernathy, Fred Gray, Coretta King, Gandhi, MLK, Socrates, Plato, Hegel, Hereclitus, and Kant to name most of the people included! Also the African Liberation Movement starts, a funny-ish (funny or sad?) anecdote from the first televised presidential debate, the protest movement starts as a group of 10 becomes many, the Greensboro Four, and much more. Primary sources: Walking with the Wind / March - books 1, 2, 3 Thank you for listening. Keep on resisting. VotingInfoHQ.com