22: John Lewis Part III - Freedom Rider's 21st Birthday in Jail


Peace and Resist Podcast

In Part 3 of John Lewis and the Voting Rights Movement - John Lewis and James Bevel are almost fatally poisoned during a sit-in. Then John Lewis joins The Freedom Riders of 1961 and just misses another potentially deadly experience. A celebratory dinner with MLK and "sanctioned wildings" take place against Freedom Riders. As the title suggests, John Lewis turns 21 in jail. JFK and Robert Kennedy start to get involved, kind of-sort of. The absolute beauty of organizing and activism, Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth makes an appearance along with several others, and much more. Primary sources: Walking with the Wind / MARCH - books 1, 2 , 3 Thank you for listening. Keep on resisting. VotingInfoHQ.com