23: John Lewis Part IV - Wake Up America, WAKE UP!


Peace and Resist Podcast

Part 4 of John Lewis and the Voting Rights Movement! The Freedom Ride continues in Alabama - with a cinematic ambush, and not cinematic in a good way - and John does time at Parchman Farm, a notorious Mississippi prison to this day. Medgar Evers, Fred Shuttlesworth, and A. Philip Randolph are discussed in this episode. The Big6, including John Lewis, goes to Washington DC to discuss the March on Washington plans with President LBJ and staff. How the idea for the March on Washington originated, and a guy roller blades 700 miles to attend the star-studded event. John struggles with editing his speech amidst the many forces pulling on his conscience, when he wants to go scorched earth with it, MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech", and much more. Thank you for listening, keep on resisting. Primary sources: Walking with the Wind / MARCH, books 1, 2, 3. VotingInfoHQ.com