25: John Lewis Part VI - Bloody Sunday and Beyond


Peace and Resist Podcast

Part 6, the conclusion of John Lewis and the Voting Rights Movement! *Early drop* John Lewis and his future Best Man Don Harris go to Guinea, with the trip set up by Harry Belafonte, and they travel across multiple African countries and witness the Liberation Movement first-hand. The trip is immediately impactful, aside from randomly meeting Malcolm X in a Kenyan airport. The SNCC begins to splinter. Red-baiting, the longtime play by Republicans to accuse Liberals of being Communists, is discussed as one of John's absolute least favorite of political tactics. The moments before the 3 legendary marches take place are discussed in detail, with protests in voter registration attempts getting blocked in 1963 ramping up to leaders like Mrs. Amelia Boynton reaching out to Dr. King and others to show up and help. The events of Bloody Sunday are discussed in detail. The streets the marchers walked are retraced. Turnaround Tuesday and the ultimate March from Selma to Montgomery are covered. John's path to becoming Atlanta's Congressmember, his return to Selma with the first Black President 40 years later, coin flips, concerts, and much more. John meets his wife Lillian, who was an integral piece of his Congressional campaigns. Countless names in this one, if you're just tuning in go back and listen to Parts 1 - 5! Unbelievable accounts of Good Trouble, guiding principles like the Spirit of History, and so much else - what an unbelievable journey. Thank you John Lewis and to everyone who fought and continues to fight for Voting Rights! And thank you for listening, keep on resisting. Sources: Walking with the Wind / March - books 1, 2, 3