26: Side Hustles - When Wolves Became Dogs


Peace and Resist Podcast

First edition of SIDE HUSTLES with friend of the show RICK ROSNER joining Kedro! He will return regularly for more Side Hustles! We discuss the 8th and most recent J6 Hearing (17.7 Million people tuned into it!) and some of the most damning, eye-opening, and laughable moments (yes, Senator Hawley fleeing scared after riling up and aligning with the Capitol attackers is discussed and why Fox News refused to air this ratings hit). Kedro took elaborate notes during the nearly 3-hour hearing, and there were a whole lot of key moments. The dam has begun to break! The Republican witnesses who came forward - Sarah Matthews and Matthew Pottinger, and WH lawyer Cipollone. How Fox News takes advantage of many of their viewers and Rick takes us to the 1970s to explain, the (missing) timeline of Trump's Presidential activity during the Capitol attack is covered, maybe the ultimate problem facing Democrats regarding these hearings is broken down, Trump's net disapproval ratings per FiveThirtyEight.com as of now and what that means in regards to the hearings, Rick makes a remarkable analogy regarding the domestication of dogs from wolves and modern American Politics, Republicans getting ratioed on Twitter, John Fetterman obliterating Dr. Oz the tourist, the current state of our Democracy with voting for Republicans right now as a non-starter, Rick's dog makes a brief appearance, and much more. This was so good, don't miss out! VotingInfoHQ.com Thank you for listening, keep on Resisting.