31: Side Hustles - Atavism in Wonderland


Peace and Resist Podcast

Rick provides some deep depth on the FBI visit to Mar-A-Lago and the historical nature of this moment. Trump defenders are scrambling. Time vs patience as this whole damn thing is unprecedented. The midterms, the midterms. Schiffer (who attacked the FBI office in Ohio), his radicalization, and how we all cope with loss - humor for Kedro. Lindsey Graham, Fani Willis, and Fulton County voters; E Jean Carroll's case is still open and several more against TFG. Kedro's favorite word in the English language. A reference to the FBI corrupted under Trump spawns a running game - where we pepper in theme park ride names on a dystopian level. Food poisoning, Litigation Station, Atavism in Wonderland, and more at tRumpland! PLUS Rick Rosner's Reel: Should SNL end at Season 50? Rick rates and reviews Prey, the Lost City, and Hustle. How many Adam Sandler films frustrate Rick. A lively Marvel discussion focused on the failings of those Netflix shows, Merrick Garland - the Man "without Fear", Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, where Saturday Night Live scouts talent, and more! Follow Rick Rosner @dumbassgenius and Kedro @VotingInfoHQ on Twitter. VotingInfoHQ.com. Thank you for listening. Keep on resisting.