33: Side Hustles - Root Racism


Peace and Resist Podcast

The GOP cancels millions in key Senate races (AZ, NV, PA, WI) but they're still skulking around Ohio. Fetterman vs Oz and the Crudite Crushing. The PA Governor race - Shapiro is obliterating his opponent as of now with examples of why the Midterms represent Dems vs a relic. On Creationism and how people who mask their politics with religion are the worst. How Fox News will simply transition to the next potential tyrant instead of owning Republican failures. Kedro's theory on the GOP's root of modern racism / extremism. Plus, RICK ROSNER'S REEL: We discuss BARRY: Henry Winkler's fantastic Gene M. Cousineau, Stella Adler's historic Hollywood acting school and techniques. Rick talks about (and praises) the show Better Things on Hulu, Rick's history of TV nudity (including Crank Yankers, a puppet show - wait, what?), related LA weirdness, and a strange push from Kedro for Rick to be on Curb Your Enthusiasm, oh - and even more. Follow Rick @dumbassgenius and Kedro @VotingInfoHQ on them Twitters, and visit VotingInfoHQ.com please! November is...something...arriving. Email the show at PeaceAndResistPod@gmail.com - request Rick's mind or body, legally. Thank you for listening. Keep on resisting.