34: Side Hustles - Who Would Want to Live in Gotham City?


Peace and Resist Podcast

Rick and Kedro are back and recovering! We get into a lot: Rick on why Trump stole the documents and the dumbest President in US History (you'll never guess who!). Data analysis using a sample of 750,000 greetings at bars to create a spectrum of jerks (not Rick's word). Theory theatre - and Kedro intrigues Rick - we discuss how MAGA seems like another Satanic Panic that will mostly fizzle out until the next cycle. The history of recent Satanic Panics - the McMartin Preschool (BS) Trial, the West Memphis Three. What's it like at Russia's Meme Office that's helped to drive Republicans into their conspiracy mindset, Kedro gives his 3 fears that form the foundation for a public's Satanic Panic. One of Rick's favorite sayings through the scope of conspiracy. Kedro explains how he believes JFK was assassinated (not his original take), explaining the multiple shooter theory and debunking the magic bullet theory with not much evidence provided - causing Rick to have to hit the brakes to clarify this hot take. This naturally leads to the way conspiracy still lingers around Marilyn Monroe's death. Rick Rosner's Reel: Kedro's brain fog, King Richard, then: Danny DeVito snuck weed into Arnold Schwarzenegger's cigar while filming Twins in the 1980s - Rick talks about how pitching TV shows has changed since the 80s. Then, who Penguined it better: Danny DeVito or Colin Ferrell? More Superhero movie discussions, including: too many Batmen?, Batgirl is canceled, Kedro reviews Batman vs Superman in the only organic way he can, the lack of super vision in the Fantastic 4 movies, what DQ'ed Superman from fighting in WWII, why I Love Lucy holds up against other muck of its time, breaking down the most recent Batman movie, Danny DeVito vs Colin Ferrell's Penguin (who Penguined it better? - realizing that was already mentioned), Kedro's brain fog (did I mention that?), and much more. Oh, and Kedro's brain fog.Follow Rick Rosner @dumbassgenius on Twitter. VotingInfoHQ.com for voting info from Kedro / @VotingInfoHQ on Twitter. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, KEEP ON RESISTING.