35: Jonestown and Jackie Part I - Thoughts and Prayers are not Enough


Peace and Resist Podcast

It's Part 1 of our 4-part series on Jonestown, Jim Jones, and Rep's Jackie Speier and Leo Ryan. KEDRO AND JOHAN ARE BACK! Part 2 arrives tomorrow covering Jim Jones and the People's Temple in vivid and unflinching detail, leading up to Part 3: arriving to, defecting from Jonestown and concluding with Part 4: the Day from the perspective of Jonestown. In this episode - Jackie Speier's roots and family in SF, where some of her activism theories were first learned, Leo Ryan goes undercover at Folsom Prison and gets a toothpaste and toilet paper chess set as a gift, an open discussion about Jim Jones and his charlatan ways, Mr. Muggs, and much more. Brought to you by VotingInfoHQ.com / your unorthodox info hub for Dems. Thank you for listening and keep on resisting.