41: Side Hustles - The Martian Archvies [Holidays #2]


Peace and Resist Podcast

One more Holidays round with KEDRO and JOHAN! Nick Cannon admitted he's spread thin with raising so many children so we compare the historical leaders in that arena, GRINCH ALERTS: robbing DeNiro and subterfuge?!, Michelle Obama's drunk uncle diversion tactics, the AARO, Kedro speculates on what the UFO and USO sightings could be - leading to a mini rant about aliens that naturally becomes a Mass Effect discussion. Kedro's rapid review of the Guardians of the Galaxy special, our Multiverse Paragon(s) of the Week!, and much more. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season and Merry Christmas! Check out Kedro's work at: VotingInfoHQ.com, your unorthodox info hub for Dems. Thank you for listening. Keep on Resisting.