46: Rep. Spanberger's 2018 District Flip Part I - In Your Grill


Peace and Resist Podcast

Digging into how the 2016 Election that led to an influx of women considering political office. The 2017 Women's March as the 2nd mechanism of post-2016 political engagement within this movement. Considering the idea that "There was a growing sentiment that if you want to start a movement, take to the streets. If you want to start a revolution, take to the polls". Kedro discusses a simplified perspective about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris regarding the baseless (and similar) attacks against them. In 2017, Abigail Spanberger considers a run for Virginia's 7th district after her then-Representative's insulting and unimpressive performance at a protest-laden "town hall" - all while her district has been buzzing with newfound activism since 2016 - and much more. Thank you for listening. Keep on Resisting.