Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett is running for re-election to CD TX-30!

from JasmineForUS.com:

From the courtroom to the capitol, Jasmine has never lost sight of the people and has been a voice for thousands of Texans. Jasmine has represented over 5,000 Texans in court, including over 400 peaceful protestors whom she represented pro bono. She has served as a public defender before opening her own Civil Rights, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury law firm.

Support Rep. Jasmine Crockett for re-election to CD TX30!

Campaign site: JasmineForUS.com

Twitter: @JasmineForUS

Instagram: @JasmineForUS


TikTok: @JasmineForUS

YouTube: @JasmineForUS


photos c/o @JasmineForUS on Twitter