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BABE VOTE From their website:

"They call us Gen Z, Millennials, Dreamers, Kids, Tech Babies. They think young people don't care, that we are apathetic Netflix- binging, espresso drinkers, who spend our days watching Tik-Tok videos. They think we don't care about policy or government. We're just Instagram consumers who like avocado toast.

But we DO pay attention and we're ready to demand an equitable future using our vote. We are wiser. We are voters now. We will vote in every election from now on. We will achieve the change we are longing for in our leadership, economy and opportunity. We will change America—one election at a time."

Learn more here: BABEvote.org

Blue Future From their website:

"Blue Future is a national organizing program run out of the Youth Progressive Action Catalyst, the largest progressive, youth-led, political action committee in America. We envision a world where no matter our color or origin, our income or zip code, desire and determination are the only things getting in the way of young people's ability to push for a transformative and progressive agenda."

Learn more here: OurBlueFuture.us

College Democrats of America From their website:


"The College Democrats of America represents thousands of college students across the United States and territories. Our mission is to organize on college campuses across the nation in order to get Democrats elected in local, state, and federal elections. Our over 100,000 members are leaders at their schools, in their communities, and all over their states, all while maintaining their studies. The College Democrats of America seek to advocate for issues that affect young people. We aim to increase youth voter turnout in every state. Nationally, we represent college students in the Democratic Party."

Learn more here: CollegeDemocratsofAmerica.com

Dream for America From their website:

"Dream for America is a Gen Z-led 501(c)4 non-profit founded on July 4th, 2023 by William He focused on identifying, educating, and mobilizing America's students to promote the principles of freedom, democracy, & progressive government. We're building the most organized, active, and powerful pro-democracy grassroots network both online and on-campuses across the country to engage young Americans of all backgrounds at all times — not just on the eve of an election.

We believe that every young American can be illuminated towards real democratic values and inspired to usher in a new wave of pro-democracy progressivism echoing the visions of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, & President Joe Biden. Against the backdrop of hateful and divisive far-right forces drawing young Americans towards extremism — Dream for America is here to chart a better course, offer young people a better vision for America, and reclaim the values of freedom and patriotism as an American value — rather than a conservative one."

Learn more here: Dream4America.org

Gen-Z for Change From their website:

"We are dedicated to empowering our generation through education and civic engagement, using the power of social media to drive progressive change and hold those in power accountable. We collaborate with content creators and organizations to create impactful campaigns, promote responsible use of technology, and advance our vision for a better future. With a strong following and proven track record, we aim to continue our leadership in the digital progressive movement and work towards a more just and equitable world.

We're the place where the creator economy and progressive politics intersect on social media."

Learn more here: GenZforChange.org

Georgia Youth Justice Coalition From their website:

"We are the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition, a coalition of Black, brown, and LGBTQ+ students ages 14-22 fighting for education justice from the classroom to the capitol."

"In 2022, we secured over one billion dollars in funding for our schools, stopped Don't Say Gay legislation, and defeated every book ban in the state of Georgia. We paid and trained over 1000 students in legislative advocacy, community organizing, movement history, and storytelling. During the midterm election cycle, we ran the largest youth-mobilizing-youth effort in Georgia with over 600 paid student organizers, more than half a million voter contacts, and 170,000 face-to-face conversations with young Black and brown voters. We toured the state to listen to & engage Georgia's next generation, and we held elected officials responsible to parents & students at the ballot box."

Learn more here: GeorgiaYouthJustice.org

Grassroots Democrats From their website:

At the Grassroots Democrats HQ, we believe in letting young people lead. After all, it's their future that is most at stake this and every election cycle.

We are proud to be one of the only national, grassroots Democratic organizations investing heavily in youth organizing. Not only are our programs designed to boost young voter turnout in the states and districts where it matters most; we are empowering the next generation of organizers who will be leading our country for years to come.

Learn more here: GrassrootsDems.org

High School Democrats of America From their website:

"High School Democrats of America (HSDA) is a national political organization that serves as an entry point to Democratic politics for youth activists from across the country. With 2 seats on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and a membership of 10,000+, HSDA works at local, state, and national levels to advance the ideals of the Democratic Party.

With our vast network of resources and chapters, we aim to provide a powerful and collective voice for politically-active high school students. HSDA is entirely student-run, and dedicated members from all walks of life have the chance to open new doors through their involvement in projects and events."

Learn more here: HSDems.org

JUV Consulting From their website:

"JUV is the brainchild of three 16-year-olds who found themselves in rooms with politicians, leaders, and "youth experts" who were constantly talking about how to capture the attention of Gen Z. There was just one problem: nobody was talking to young people — just at them.

Established in 2016, JUV is the voice of a misunderstood generation. We are a diverse team of about 100 strategic consultants and creative freelancers, all between the ages of 14-23.

As students, creators, mobilizers and more, we strive to make a real impact in the marketing world with our purpose-driven work. (The best part? We literally love doing it!)"

Learn more here: JUVConsulting.org

March for our Lives From their website:

"We mobilize the nation to end gun violence."

"Born out of a tragic school shooting, March For Our Lives is a courageous youth-led movement dedicated to promoting civic engagement, education, and direct action by youth to eliminate the epidemic of gun violence. We aim to create safe and healthy communities and livelihoods where gun violence is obsolete."

"We create cultural conversation around ending gun violence."

Learn more here: MarchForOurLives.com

NextGen America From their website:

"NextGen America is the nation's largest youth voting organization, using innovative digital and field strategies to turn out young voters in key states. We're empowering the largest and most diverse generation in American history through voter education, registration, and mobilization. At NextGen, we share lessons learned with the broader progressive community to build a stronger and more effective democracy. By working with young people across the country, we're shaping a government that respects us, reflects us, and represents us — not just for an election cycle but for generations to come."

Learn more here: NextGenAmerica.org

Path to Progress From their website:

"Path to Progress is a no-holds-barred, youth-led multimedia organization working to advance progressive policy goals with simple and digestible digital content and groundbreaking policy proposals."

"We believe that progress is an enduring path, not a single destination. The policy and messaging goals that we set now are not going to be adequate in even the near future, as our social and political landscapes evolve. As society continues to change, what progress looks like changes as well — and we're continuing to walk on a jagged path toward the horizon of justice which no matter how hard we work moves further and further away. This dynamic of progress can be frustrating, but it is unavoidable given that our current vision must change as time goes on and that we must be adaptive in order to keep striving for meaningful, positive change."

Learn more here: PathtoProgress.us

Students Demand Action From their website:

"We are young activists committed to ending gun violence. We are Students Demand Action. When lawmakers offered thoughts and prayers but little meaningful action after the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, high school and college students across the country came together to make our voices heard. Students Demand Action started in 2016 as a pilot program and, with a sense of urgency, we launched it as a national initiative within two weeks of the Parkland shooting."

Learn more here: StudentsDemandAction.org

Sunrise Movement From their website:

"The Sunrise Movement is a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We're building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people."

Learn more here: SunriseMovement.org

Team Enough From their website:

"We are Team ENOUGH, a youth-led organization whose mission is to educate young voices about gun violence and mobilize them to take meaningful action against it. Supported by Brady, we harness the expertise and experience of today's youth to advance our intersectional work across the country."

"We are survivors of gun violence; we are students; we are activists: we are people who experience gun violence in different ways — and to different degrees. This epidemic has an outsized impact on Black and Brown communities, disproportionately spilling their blood in school shootings, in angry encounters between friends and family, in acts of self-harm and suicide, and in conflicts born of domestic violence — avoidable tragedies, one and all, each made more lethal by easy access to guns. But we believe that diversity is a strength, and that only when everyone has a seat at the table can we build an effective movement to prevent all gun violence in all communities."

Learn more here: TeamEnough.org

Tour to Save Democracy From their website:

"This summer, Gen-Z is hitting the road on a tour across the nation to flip red seats blue! We're bringing a community of young voters together to create a Congress that safeguards our freedoms and puts our futures first - supporting gun safety, reproductive rights, healthcare, our planet, and more."

Learn more here: TourToSaveDemocracy.com

United We Dream From their website:

"United We Dream is committed to ensuring that people who are, have been, or will be directly impacted by the immigrant experience are at the forefront of decision-making and throughout UWD."

"Our greatest strength comes from people. UWD knows that our communities have the answers and resources they need to create the change they want. We organize at the grassroots level to build relationships and empower communities to articulate and implement those answers by elevating their work, not individual voices. In order to create a strong organization and be part of a larger movement we create spaces where members are constantly learning, challenging themselves and their peers and seeking personal and collective empowerment."

Learn more here: UnitedWeDream.org

United We Dream Action From their website:

"United We Dream Action (UWDA) is the lobbying, advocacy and electoral arm of United We Dream which is powered by immigrant youth, youth of color with immigrant family members, and everyday voters.

Our vision is a society which celebrates our diversity and we believe in leading a multi-ethnic, intersectional path to get there and that includes issues like: immigration, LGBTQIA rights, education, health, economy, climate change, and racial justice."

Learn more here: UnitedWeDreamAction.org

Voters of Tomorrow From their website:

"While many groups expose young people to dangerous ideas, there are few pro-democracy organizations countering their efforts. Voters of Tomorrow is filling that void with effective organizing and messaging online and on campuses to encourage young people to become civically engaged.

We carry out research to fully understand Gen Z's position on a range of issues, then use this data to guide our public and behind-the-scenes advocacy campaigns. Additionally, we develop and promote initiatives to encourage Gen Z to vote for pro-democracy candidates."

Learn more here: VotersofTomorrow.org

Voices of Gen-Z From their website:

"Voices of Gen-Z is here to build the next generation of change-makers and voters. We give young minds a platform to hone their organizing skills and learn from others. In essence, we are here to amplify the voices of generation-Z that have been lost in political debate. We are ready to take action and build the next generation voters. ​ We are made up of a diverse community of gen-z'ers who come from twenty different countries and all 50 states. Our team is made up of BIPOC, nonbinary, LGBTQ+, and non-BIPOC people whom all come from different socio-economic backgrounds. Part of what makes the team so unique is our diversity and versatility as a brand. We span across the whole world so we understand our generation's struggles and are trying to fix them."

Learn more here: VoicesofGenZ.com

Young Democrats of America From their website:

"Founded in 1932, the Young Democrats of America (YDA) is the largest youth-led, partisan political organization in the nation and serves as the national federation for all state and territorial Young Democrat chapters."

Learn more here: YDA.org

Youth Save Democracy From their Twitter/X account:

"Youth Save Democracy is a grassroots, people-powered organization dedicated to winning purple seats by turning out Young Voters! Founded by: @JohnBurrowsCA."

Learn more here: twitter.com/YouthSaveDem

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