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Run for Something From their website:

"Since launching in January 2017, Run for Something has recruited nearly 100,000 people across all 50 states to run for state or local office. We provide a safety net for new and exciting progressive leaders — at all stages of their journey — helping them run efficient, strategic, grassroots, driven campaigns while feeling supported throughout the process."

Learn more here:


Facebook: RunForSomethingPAC

Instagram: @runforsomethingnow

LinkedIn: Run-For-Something

Medium: Run for Something

Twitter: @runforsomething

YouTube: @runforsomething803

EMERGE From their website:

"We are the nation's premier organization that recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office. We are the only political organization that focuses on effective state and national programming that gives women the tools they need to run and win, as well as building an inclusive sisterhood of alums and a network of alumnae, staff, boards, and volunteers who are on-the-ground 365 days a year to support women through their candidacies at every level and once they are elected.."

Learn more here:


Facebook: EmergeAmerica

Instagram: @emergeamerica

LinkedIn: Emerge-America

Twitter: @EmergeAmerica

YouTube: @emerge

Emily's List From their website:

"ELECT DEMOCRATIC PRO-CHOICE WOMEN TO OFFICE. At EMILYs List, we work to elect Democratic pro-choice women up and down the ballot and across the country with a goal of fighting for our rights and our communities."

"Our work is centered on a fundamental vision: Run. Win. Change the World."

Learn more here:


Facebook: EMILYsList

Instagram: @emilys_list

LinkedIn: EMILY's-List*

Twitter: @emilyslist

YouTube: @emilyslist

*the link isn't working, the URL is:

NDTC (National Democratic Training Committee) From their website:

"As the largest Democratic campaign training organization in the nation we have trained more Democrats on how to win elections and build long-term power in their communities than any other organization.

We provide Democratic candidates, campaign staffers, and local leaders the tools, expert training, and resources needed to win. "

Learn more here:


Running Start from their site:

"Our training programs are focused on educating young women about leadership, campaign strategy, and teamwork, without a partisan lens." "We're empowering young women to get involved in politics and transform our world, one elected female leader at a time. We offer programs that equip them with the hands on skills and confidence they need to run and win."

Learn more here:


Facebook: RunningStart

Instagram: @runningstart

LinkedIn: Running Start

Twitter: @RunningStart

YouTube: @RunningStart698

She Should Run From their website:

"We help women explore the possibility of a run. She Should Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office."

"Gender equality is essential to the health and potential of societies. It is key to empowering the full potential of younger generations. Yet, in the United States, women represent fewer than one third of elected leaders. This places us 66th on the global ranking of women in national government."

Learn more here:


Facebook: SheShouldRun

Instagram: @sheshouldrun

LinkedIn: She-Should-Run

Twitter: @SheShouldRun

YouTube: @SheShouldRun9285

These listings are not necessarily endorsements from Voting Info HQ. It's about inclusivity. This is primarily an effort to have menu items for all Democrats and Blue voters.  

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