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Enjoy the content - I'll keep producing best I can - and vote Blue. Your visit and support's truly appreciated. - Kevin 'Kedro' Sanchez

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What the why, who, and when because what again? Exactly.

Who operates this site?

I do! Heyo, I'm Kedro - aka Kevin - in Los Angeles, a longtime independent voter who joined the Democratic party in 2020. I've helped to build knowledge bases for a few companies from the entry-level and realized those skills can be applied towards my lifelong goal to start a political organization of some sort. Currently working in healthcare with my other office experience being in a banking-adjacent industry. And after several years of editing this site until I fall asleep, Voting Info HQ has its own pulse.

Voting Info HQ is solely owned and operated by me, Kedro. Welcome!

I've enjoyed every day of this journey through modern American history, politics, and community by doing it in my own style. While social media is not necessarily my thing, the entirety of this project is unquestionably my happy place. Whether it's covering Jonestown or John Lewis in-depth for the podcast or spending the dozens of hours needed to update and QC the 118th Dems of Congress pages, it's all a labor of love.

What's the overall mindset of Voting Info HQ?

We need to disagree. It's what makes us great. The ability to think differently has helped to inspire our ridiculously great sense of innovation in this country. Whatever your viewpoints and perspectives, welcome! You do you.

Well, Voting Info HQ sees Democrats as being on the right side of history at this point. Which is why at this time, our general platform is that this organization will support all Democrat Primary winners. Also, some of these days and the related characters have gotten strange - like J6 - and they can't be forgotten as we continue to build towards the future while enjoying the ride there.

So I'll keep hammering away at this here site to provide to the community in the best way I can - by aggregating, creating, and sharing some knowledge, content, and laughter.

How did this all start?

I joined Twitter during the beginning of the COVID pandemic, after never being too much of a social media guy, around the Spring of 2020. One of my very first Twitter friends was Rick Rosner ( @dumbassgenius on Twitter ), who helped me to hash out an idea to make a Twitter page about Voting information. A smart, fun voting page - in some ways a steep hill to climb with that premise alone.

The Twitter account grew rapidly over a few months of posting and making connections to many great Resisters who were gracious with their time by highlighting many Democrat accounts. Quickly, I recognized that this service and info-feed was not entirely unique but entirely relevant and helpful - by highlighting candidates, making complex topics bite-size - and doing it in my organically weird-AF style. The metrics were initially stunning, with 1 million+ social media impressions through the 2020 election cycle for this start-up operation.

As certain follower milestones were hit, new wings were added to the Twitter page each time. Making art graphics, starting a podcast, yadda yadda, and ultimately starting a website - all subjects that were just about 100% new to me as of 2020.

And here we are, and here we go. 

Thanks for joining alongside on this bizarre, rewarding ride.

What's the vision for Voting Info HQ?

The overarching goal is to make this a full-time organization and to scale. This was originally intended to be the ultimate Democratic Party info aggregator - and now that is just one wing of the HQ as content creation has naturally become a thing, too.

Dems Database, Dems Hub, and Civic Square are 3 core departments of the HQ now that have the ability to become their own entities in time. Video segments will be added along with a renewed social media push in 2024 on Spoutible (@VotingInfoHQ ... and @Kedro and @PeaceAndResist) - where I'll be bringing back and evolving some of the methodologies that helped fuel the @VotingInfoHQ rapid growth on Twitter during the 2020 election cycle.

The Peace and Resist Podcast is a labor of love with an understanding of how oversaturated the podcast market has been, but also a desire to provide a unique storytelling / current events arm of the HQ.

Making moves!

Any amount donated will help to improve site functionality (increased bandwidth, data storage, adding a site search) and further expansion of the HQ. The HQ is currently strategizing to create Voting Panels for each State for a 50-State project - more on all that soon.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

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Stay engaged.