"We will not stop. We will not give up! We will continue working to build a nation that includes, not excludes, or unjustly expels. People power will always prevail!" - Justin J. Pearson

Justin Jones

TN State House District 52



Gloria Johnson

TN State House District 90



Justin J. Pearson

TN State House District 86



The 2/3 Expulsions Vote | 04.06




Protests swelled as a result of the TN GOP's refusal to support gun reform legislation and were specifically related to the Covenant school shooting which occurred on March 28th in Nashville. "There comes a time when you have to do something out of the ordinary. We occupied the House floor today after repeatedly being silenced from talking about the crisis of mass shootings. We could not go about business as usual as thousands were protesting outside demanding action." - Justin Jones, 03-30-31 (Twitter).


Tennessee House votes to expel 2 of 3 Democratic members over gun protest (NPR). Of the Tennessee Three, only the 2 Black state lawmakers are expelled. In all likelihood, Representatives Jones and Pearson will be reinstated. That said, the anti-democracy TN GOP has a supermajority - which enabled them to expel Representatives Jones and Pearson in the first place. We stand with the Tennessee Three now and going forward. This is real-time Civil Rights history - don't stand idle: this defense of democracy requires EVERYONE.


Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Tennessee and meets with the TN3, among many others. She gives a historic speech at Fisk University's Memorial Chapel in Nashville. "Don't silence the people." See the links section nearby to watch the full speech.


Justin Jones is unanimously reinstated to his seat by the Nashville Metropolitan Council.


Justin J. Pearson is unanimously reinstated by the Shelby County Board of Commissioners.


The Tennessee GOP continues to stumble forward with completely false claims that liken the events around the Tennessee Three to an insurrection. This is from The Tennessean on 03.31.23: "Tennessee protest: Authorities confirm no arrests, damage as Dems blast 'insurrection' claims". See the links section nearby for the article.


The Tennessee Holler reports on Twitter that: "Republicans have now put a rule in place to able to object to anything [Rep. Justin Jones] and [Rep. Justin J. Pearson] say they don't like. Then they can all vote to cut them off.

Don't turn away. Democracy is being strangled to death here in Tennessee. Fascism reigns."


Tennessee State Rep's Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones, and Justin J. Pearson arrive in Washington D.C. to meet with President Biden and VP Harris, among MANY others. Keep scrolling for a heap of media related to their White House visit.

"This is our Selma moment." - Rep. Justin Jones


State Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson are reelected to their respective seats following summertime special elections. See April in this timeline for why the elections had to occur.

For more details (The Tennessean).


State Rep. Gloria Johnson announces bid for TN US Senate seat (2024 election) in an effort to oust incumbent Senator Marsha Blackburn (R).

Senate 2024 Dem Challengers helpful links.

State Rep. Johnson's announcement details (Tennessee Lookout).


More updates to this year's timeline are underway.


Rep. Justin Jones is formally silenced and barred from speaking on the State House floor. Prior to that, Rep. Jones described House Speaker Sexton as "drunk with power", which isn't that big of a criticism considering what Trump and the MAGA crowd call their political opponents.

There were more restrictions put in place, like limiting access to the chamber floor for the press and to the House gallery for the public. The public in particular have shown up big over time in support of reforming gun laws to combat the unique brand of violence plaguing America and Tennessee (scroll down this page for examples). 

Daily KOS has a great breakdown of the situation as of January 10th/11th.


TN "Republicans passed a bill to arm teachers after silencing debate", as reported by Rep Justin Jones on Twitter/X.

See the video and full description from Rep. Jones below.

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"[TN] protest...no arrests,  damage"

This is from The Tennessean on 03.31.23: "Tennessee protest: Authorities confirm no arrests, damage as Dems blast 'insurrection' claims".

The Tennessee Holler

They're local and doing the work. A primary TN-focused resource for us specializing in political coverage. "Always yell the truth."

CSPAN: Madam VP's 04.07 Nashville Visit, Speech

From CSPAN, if you have not listened to the full speech from VP Harris, we recommend it for anyone interested in this moment.

WH: Transcript of Madam VP's 04.07 Speech

From the White House, "Remarks by Vice President Harris at Fisk University" at Fisk Memorial Chapel on April 7th, 2023.

TN House Dems

The Tennessee House Democratic Caucus link to keep up and find their social media.

TN Senate Dems

The Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus link to keep up and find their social media.

TN Democratic Party

The direct site for the Tennessee Democratic Party or TNDP - if you'd like to support, amplify, or get involved. We saw that at minimum Wisconsin Dems are collaborating with them.

Facebook for Moms Demand Action TN

Amplify, support, and join their work. The account is active and providing local updates on local gun reform legislation / activism.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund Statement

"LDF Issues Statement on Reinstatement of Reps. Justin Jones and Pearson to Tennessee State House".

Planned Parenthood Nashville

The Nashville chapter for Planned Parenthood, who has been active and involved as you'll see in the organizing art section below.

A TN GOP Resignation

From NBC News: "Tennessee Republican who voted to expel Democrats resigns after ethics violation" [State Rep. Scotty Campbell].

Register to Vote

Register to Vote and get in the game or verify your voter info. 7 of the most well-known voter registration sites for you to choose from.

The Reinstatements | 04.10 + 04.12

Visiting the White House | 04.24

Organizing Art and Other Media

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