09: YT Bell Conversation


Peace and Resist Podcast

Kedro talks with Yterenickia 'YT' Bell: national Director for Care in Action, a Fair Fight 2020 senior fellow, a Georgia State University triple graduate, Georgia organizer, and much more. This conversation was deep, fun, illuminating, and is important for anyone that wants to know why voting matters. YT brought it! YT discusses the new Georgia voter suppression laws in SB202 and GA Rep Park Cannon's arrest - comparing it to Rep Nikema Williams similar arrest in 2018. And we get into Renee Montgomery becoming a WNBA Atlanta Dream owner - and how much she risked on that path. We shout out civil rights legends like Fannie Lou Hamer, C.T. Vivian, and A. Philip Randolph. We talk about the Georgia WIN List and what they've done for YT and Georgian women, her friend that continues to inspire her and YT's love for Georgia State University. A story about Andrew 'Andy' Young, James Bevel, Hosea Williams, and John Lewis on Bloody Sunday. Also, we discuss YT's time as a Clarkston city councilwoman, how she empowered countless people in her diverse community, how we saved democracy, and much more! CareInAction.US to support YT Bell! VotingInfoHQ.com/podcast to support the show!