10: Dr. Rachel Levine - Snaps All Around


Peace and Resist Podcast

We talk about Dr. Rachel Levine, our country's newest Assistant Secretary of Health! She loves to quote Yoda from Star Wars and is the first Trans person to be confirmed by the Senate for a position. We had a lot of fun with this episode. Peyton and Kedro talk about her education, other famous people that went to Tulane University in New Orleans, that Jim Carrey vampire movie 'Once Bitten' and the likelihood that it's available to stream everywhere, a protégé of Dr. Levine explains what makes her special as a boss, her work as a Pennsylvania public health professional - including how she helped save over 1,000 lives and how she got to oversee a public budget of about $1billion. Several quotes from Dr. Levine, why Kedro and Peyton will drive around the country meeting every single person, how to change the minds of people who discriminate against a particular group, Kedro asks Peyton to explain the term cisgender - again improving him as an ally in real-time, Peyton could become President one day, Kedro should not become President, and much more.