12: Ed Roberts - The Power of Access


Peace and Resist Podcast

The life of Ed Roberts - Disability Rights Movement pioneer and Father of the Independent Living Movement is discussed by Peyton and Kedro in detail! This is an incredible, fun, informing, empowering, and entertaining story that starts with a description of San Mateo and the Bay Area when Ed was young, with a story Kedro's grandpa told him for some unique context. After an 18 month recovery from Polio that left Ed as a quadriplegic in his youth, he graduates from High School - with some protest and petitioning - and makes history as the first student to use a wheelchair at Berkeley University (where he founds and leads the legendary Rolling Quads). "Karate is not in your muscles, it's in your eyes." Revolutionizing architecture and the California Hall of Fame. Also, Zona Roberts - the Grandmother of the Disability Rights Movement, Hale Zukas, Judith Huemann, Joan Leon, John Hessler, Telegraph and Bancroft, MacArthur Genius Grant winners, lots of travel, and much more!