28: Side Hustles - The End of Regular Human History


Peace and Resist Podcast

History-driven episodes return soon! *Spoiler Alerts for the newest season of The Boys towards the middle* On this diversified Side Hustles episode: Kedro talks with Rick Rosner - they break down the modern Republican party, will young Leadership get young people to the ballot?, a great and sad Elvis-tax-The-Colonel story, the record-breaking nature of 2020's turnout for Biden-Harris, if protestors dressed formally like in the 1960s - would that change more minds?, no meaningful voter fraud found in Wisconsin, 8 states to watch for voter suppression - Ohio is on the bubble for this list, the last time the Dems had a numerical mandate in Congress, Biden has 15 more years of experience than any other President before him, Merrick Garland, the Trump Bad News Principle, bury your ex-wife on your golf course for a tax break, 100 days to the midterms as of Sunday 07/31/22, the Forward Party is a scam in the likes of Kanye 2020 - so we dig into the recent 3rd party history of chaos agents, the history of assault weapons, plus film/television analysis - critiques - and hot takes with RICK ROSNER'S REEL, humans haven't changed much over hundreds of thousands of years in many ways - but we're at the cusp of radical change, machine learning, Turing Tests, an essay that was written by an AI (GTP-3) and why Rick doesn't buy in all the way, more on artificial intelligence and sentience, preferred comedy during the Black Plague in Europe, Rick's formula for comedy, George Saunders, and somehow even more! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. KEEP ON RESISTING. from VotingInfoHQ.com - a database, info, and activism hub for Dems. Follow Rick @DumbassGenius on Twitter / Kedro @VotingInfoHQ.