39: Side Hustles - Vicious, Wild, and Metal [Holidays #1]


Peace and Resist Podcast

Enjoy some laughs and holiday vibes with Kedro and Johan - Johan's first Side Hustles! NEWSOPOLIS: Grinches - a cop gives out onions or tickets as a Grinch, leading Kedro into a Super Troopers style scenario of terror / The Grinch of Ukraine (he's not in Ukraine) / The Pope's accountant. PLAYING FAVORITES: Top 5 Holiday Movies, grab a mug of your favorite whatever already, The Legend of Krampus, Alicia Keys, Johan's pro-Sticky Bandits, more movies and jokes, our Top 5 Holiday Songs, and all parts of this weird ride you've come to love. It's mutual, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Brought to you by VotingInfoHQ.com, your unorthodox info hub for Dems. Thank you for listening, Keep on resisting.