How the Biden-Harris Administration and Democrats are delivering for all Americans.

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Heath Robinson PACT Act

One of the most significant expansions of Veterans' benefits and services in decades, particularly for those exposed to toxics.


Veterans Affairs: The PACT Act and your VA benefits.

Electoral Count Reform Act

Signed by President Biden, this provides "better guardrails to govern how presidential election results get from the states to the Electoral College  process and then to Congress, and how Congress handles them once there." This is code for: The Former Guy's anti-American denials of Democracy required this long-overdue update.

NCSL: What the Electoral Count Reform Act Means for States.

Reproductive Freedoms Tour (2023/2024)

Vice President Kamala Harris Launched the Reproductive Freedoms Tour to fight back against "extremist attacks" against freedoms:

White House Press Release 02.19.23"Extremists across our country continue to wage a full-on attack against hard-won, hard-fought freedoms as they push their radical policies – from banning abortion in all 50 states and criminalizing doctors, to forcing women to travel out of state in order to get the care they need," said Vice President Harris.

Full text: Remarks by Vice President Harris in a Moderated Conversation with Sophia Bush on the National "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms" Tour | San Jose, CA

Biden Touts $3.3B Investment in Wisconsin from Microsoft

"Six years ago, the prior administration touted a $10 billion investment by Foxconn that never materialized – now Microsoft will build a new AI datacenter on the same land, powering industries of the future in Wisconsin."

White House Fact Sheet

Politico: "He promised a $10 billion investment by Foxconn. He came with your senator, Ron Johnson, with a golden shovel and didn't build a damn thing," Biden said. "They dug a hole with those golden shovels and then they fell into it." 

Investing in America Tour (2023)

Under the Biden-Harris Admin, "companies have announced over $435 billion in investments in the United States." This includes 240 projects.

White House: An interactive map that displays where this money has been invested and by who.

President Biden and VP Harris and even the Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff have been on tour to promote economic wins.

Inflation Reduction Act

Historic investment in reducing inflation and manufacturing job creation, boosting clean energy and lowering energy costs, environmental justice, lowering medicine and healthcare costs, and more.

Senate Dems: Quick summary.

Bipartisan Gun Safety Law (Safer Communities Act)

First major gun safety law in nearly 30 years - and a bipartisan effort. Closes the "boyfriend loophole" and more.

Sen. Murphy: What's in it.

CHIPS and Science Act

A landmark investment in American-made semiconductors, scientific research, and more.

House Committee on Science, etc: All about CHIPS.

Madam VP's Nashville Speech in Support of the Tennessee Three and Democracy

If you have not listened to the full speech from VP Harris, we recommend it for anyone interested in this moment. A historic speech on 04.07.23 from Fisk Memorial Chapel.

Visit the Tennessee Three page for more context.

Speech: Full Video (CSPAN) | Full Transcript (White House).

America Rescue Plan Act

This was about mitigating / battling COVID effectively, providing direct relief / guidance to Americans and employers, economic infusions to small businesses, and more.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson appointed to the Supreme Court

The first Black woman to serve on the US Supreme Court, Justice Jackson not only provides the Court with a better representation of modern America but also serves as an inspiration to countless young ones who can dare to dream her reality for themselves. Biden had pledged to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme court during the 2020 campaign trail. Justice KBJ is also the first former Public Defender to serve on the Supreme Court.

From the White House: About KBJ.

Student Loan Forgiveness

The US Department of Education reported on 02.21.24 that the Biden-Harris Admin approved $1.2 Billion in in loan forgiveness (for SAVE Plan Borrowers).

From a 02.21.24 White House Fact Sheet: "President Biden Cancels Student Debt for more than 150,000 Student Loan Borrowers Ahead of Schedule".

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

A baaadly needed, once-in-a-generation investment in America's infrastructure. The largest drop in: clean water infrastructure, public transit, roads and bridges (since the Interstate Highway System of the '50s), and more.

Historic '22 Midterms Results

"'It's the most successful midterm for a Democratic president probably in history and certainly since the Second World War,' according to one expert." - and Biden campaigned actively, citing the R's "extremism" on the ballot.

Record American Workforce (2022)

More Americans are working - as of the July 2022 job report - than at any point in our history. 

Biden-Harris Admin Enables Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices Directly with Rx Companies

From the Department of Health and Human Services 02.01.24: "Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is sending initial offers to the participating drug companies of the first 10 prescription drugs selected for negotiation in the first cycle of the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program. Thanks to the President's lower cost prescription drug law - the Inflation Reduction Act - Medicare now has the power to negotiate prescription drug prices directly with drug companies, similar to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies that already negotiate drug prices. These initial offers represent the latest major milestone in implementing this historic law."

#1 Insulin Producer Adds $35/month Cap in '23

From a White House Fact Sheet 03.02.23: President Biden's Cap on the Cost of Insulin Could Benefit Millions of Americans in All 50 States

"This week, Eli Lilly, the largest manufacturer of insulin in the United States is lowering their prices and meeting that call.

Eli Lilly announced they are lowering the cost of insulin by 70% and capping what patients pay out-of-pocket for insulin at $35. This action, driven by the momentum from the Inflation Reduction Act, could benefit millions of Americans with diabetes in all fifty states and U.S. territories. The President continues to call on Congress to finish the job and cap costs at $35 for all Americans."

01.24.23: New HHS Report Finds Major Savings for Americans Who Use Insulin Thanks to President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act

CNN on 01.02.24: Sanofi, another major insulin producer, followed suit with the $35/month price cap on one of their most widely-prescribed insulin brands.

Record Unemployment Rates

As of July 2022, the unemployment rate matches its lowest amount in 50 years - 3.5%. (A record as of February, 2023, at 3.4% - lowest in 54 years).

White House: Biden appropriately flexing about the July '22 jobs report.

2023 Update from Dept of Commerce: Wow.

Record Small Business Registrations

As of 01/23, "Over 10.5 million small businesses have been formed since 2021, the highest recorded amount during a two-year period on record".

Forbes: Record Small Business Applications Show Promise For Economy And Biden-Harris Legislative Accomplishments.

Record Job Creation (2021)

Over 6 million jobs created - a record 6.4 million in 2021.

Bloomberg: Record 2021 job growth vs job loss in 2020.

Historic Rate of Judicial Confirmations

Reshaping the judiciary to reflect America - including Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme court.

White House: As of 05.08.24 - 200 Federal Judges confirmed!

Fulfilled Indian Water Rights Settlements

Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Tribes will receive $1.7B to rightfully complete the terms of outstanding federal payments on enacted water rights settlements.

Department of the Interior: More Details on this Fulfillment.

Executive Order to Improve Public Safety and Justice for Native Americans and to address the MMIW crisis

President Biden: "These efforts are a matter of dignity...That's the foundation of our nation-to-nation partnership." The Executive Order addresses generations of Native Americans who have been impacted by the crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and acknowledges past efforts Federally have not been enough. We can do better here, and the steps outlined in this EO are a start.

NC Policy Watch: More on this Executive Order, Tribal Leaders Respond.

Reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act

Written in 1994 by a then-Senator Joe Biden, the law has been strengthened under Biden-Harris to provide further "safety and support for all survivors and increase prevention efforts".

White House: VAWA Fact Sheet.

Repealed Transgender Military Ban

Defense Secretary Austin said an all-inclusive military policy is both the right and smart thing to do. The Executive Order goes a lot further regarding "involuntary separations / discharges / denials of reenlistment or continuation of service on the basis of gender identity", and more.

Defense Department: We stand with Biden-Harris on this.

VP Kamala Harris' Economic Call to Action Yields $4.2 Billion to Northern Central America

MVP's Partnership for Central America has been key to mobilizing $4.2 billion in private investments since May 2021. "These investments will help address the root causes of migration by creating economic opportunity in the region." - AKA, Democrats are actively working on layered immigration support and solutions.

White House: Fact Sheet from 02.06.23 that includes `10 more companies making major commitments.

Al-Qaeda Leader Brought to Justice

The Al-Qaeda leader and one of the masterminds of the 9/11 terror attack was brought to justice.

NPR: What happened.

Largest Deficit Reduction in History ($1.7T over 2 years)

Investing heavily in American infrastructure, jobs, and citizens was a necessary, calculated step by the Biden-Harris Admin to bring America forward out of the lingering pandemic fog. Look at the combined results and America is clearly back on the right track with more work to do.

PBS: A good totaling of all the context.

$15 Min Wage for Federal Workers

In January 2022, the largest employer in the nation - the Federal government - raised the minimum wage for all Federal civilian employees in all states to $15 per hour with an Executive Order from President Biden.

Statement from POTUS

From the Office of Personnel Management.

Executive Orders Enforcing Equity, Equality

These Orders include investments in communities of color, with a required increase of federal contracts given to small disadvantaged businesses and those owned by people of color. President Biden addressed this further after the murder of Tyre Nichols, read The Root's excellent article on these new Executive Orders.

Visit the Small Business Administration to see about launching a business, federal contracting, and more.

Vaccine Distribution

The Biden-Harris Admin promised 200 million COVID vaccines provided to Americans in 100 days and met the goal. This was a supremely impressive display of organization at every level, down to the healthcare workers doing what they do.

NBC News: All about hitting that goal.

Expanded Healthcare to Millions

Strengthened the Affordable Care Act, with a historic 14.5 million Americans enrolled as of January 2022, with 5.8 million of those getting first-time coverage.

Health and Human Services: The numbers say it all.

Call to Action on Addressing Food Insecurity, Diet-Related Diseases

For the first time in over 50 years, President Biden hosted the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to "lay out a transformational vision for ending hunger and reducing diet-related diseased by 2030 - all while closing disparities among the communities that are impacted most."

Pardoned Simple Marijuana Possession Offenders (Under Federal Law)

This is one important step forward for correcting a terrible history of failed drug enforcement policies at the national, local, and state levels. While this pardon did not apply at the State Level, the action directly impacted thousands of people. Biden also urged Governors to do the same.

NPR: More on this Pardon.

Avi Kwa Ame National Monument

"The Avi Kwa Ame National Monument designation protects sacred space for spiritual uses, including Spirit Mountain, which is central to the creation story of many Tribal Nations, while ensuring continued access to hunting, camping, hiking, OHV use, photography and other recreational activities."

Bureau of Land Management: More on this treasured space.

Lowered Cost of Hearing Aids by Making Them Available OTC

The Biden-Harris Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy called on the FDA to make hearing aids available over the counter (without a prescription). This can reduce the cost of hearing aids by thousands of dollars.

White House: Fact Sheet on Cheaper Hearing Aids.

16 Million+ in the Affordable Connectivity Program

Over 16 million households had lower internet costs or NO COSTS under the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provided more equity and access across communities.

Republicans for the most part were looking to end it this program, and it looks to be done as of 06/01/24. Affordable Connectivity Program.

Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords

Rejoined a global force for sustainability and for good. The State Department calls the Paris Agreement "an unprecedented framework for global action."

State Department: On getting back in.

Expansion of NATO

Finland and Sweden officially joined and strengthened NATO. 32 member countries now. A strong geopolitical flex to further support Ukraine,  bolster their own borders, and more.

Finland joined 04.04.23 as the 31st member.

Rejoined WHO

Rejoined the World Health Organization - bolstering the fight against COVID and all diseases.

Cancer Moonshot Initiative Reignited

An ambitious goal by the Biden-Harris Admin to reduce the cancer death rate by at least 50% over the next 25 years while also improving the quality of life for those living with cancer. President Biden launched this in 2016 as VP.

White House: Fact-sheet